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USB Male to Male Top Selected Cable | Experts Review 2021

There are hundreds or thousands of USB Male to Male cords in the markets to buy. But which one is best for you and which one you need to obtain?

I have used those cable personally and made a review below for each item. Please check and let us know via the comments below.

USB 2.0 Printer Type A-Male to B-Male, 16 feet:

USB 2.0 Printer Type A-Male to B-Male, 16 feet

It is used to connecting external devices such as printers, the camera on your computer. This gives you full performance with many USB devices. This cable features a standard type-A USB connector and a standard Type-B other. You can plug a Type-A connector on your computer and then plug the Type -B into printers or whose devices have Type -B ports.

Type-C to Type-A-M Charger Cable, 6 feet:

Here, Type A-M means Type A-Male. It is a 6 feet long Type-C fast charger cable. Connect Type -C enabled devices like MacBook, one plus, etc. with standard Type-A enabled devices like laptop, hard drive, power bank, etc. It is a super-fast charging Type -C cable. Easy to connect Type-C cable to Type-c enabled devices. Up to 480 Mbps data transfer speed. In my experience, it was the best cable you can check out.

USB 2.0 Printer cable A-Male to B-Male cord, 6 feet:

It is 6 feet long high-speedĀ USB 2.0 double-sided USB cord. It connects mice, keyboards, and speed-critical devices, such as external hard drives, printers, and cameras to your computer. Full 2.0 USB capability and up to 480 Mbps transfer speed. You can plug it into any device which has Type-B enabled. You can plug the Type-A connector into your computer, then plug the Type-B connector into a device with a Type-B port. The printer and server have a Type-B port. I am told from my experience it is one of the best products to check out.

Monoprice 6-feet 2.0 Type-A-M to Type-B-M 28/24WG cable:

Here, Type A-M means Type A-Male and Type B-M means Type B-Male. This is a great value on a high-performance 2.0 USB cable. 100% compliant with USB 2.0 specifications.double-sided The USB cord is used to connect peripheral devices with standard “B” type connectors to the “A” type connectors. 28 AWG data conductors and 24 AWG power conductors. Gold plated connectors ensure a smooth, corrosion-free connection. This cable uses 28 AWG conductors for data and 24 AWG conductors for power. It features gold-plated connectors to ensure smooth, corrosion-free connections. Electrically, these cables are really good. I have had problems with other low-priced A to B USB 2 cables in longer lengths but these 15 feet cables outperform everything else I have tried. You can check it.

3.0 Charger Cable Type-A-M to Micro-B, 3 feet:

Type A-M means Type A-Male. This is a USB 3.0 cable A- male to micro-B 3 feet cable. Connecting USB 3.0 enabled PC peripherals such as hard drives, printers, network hubs, and more. up to 4.8Gbps when used with a USB 3.0 host and device. I used this cable as my everyday cell phone charging cable, which should tell you that it took a lot of flexing and bending. It was just awesome you can try it.

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